Healthy Steps LLC Now Offering Free Shipping!

Healthy Steps LLC offers Free Shipping

Cottontown, TN: Healthy Steps LLC, a leading vitamin and supplement company is now offering free shipping on all of the company’s made in the USA products. “We feel so strongly about the quality and efficacy of our products that we decided not to let the free shipping craze brought on by the likes of Amazon and other big online retailers stand in the way of getting our products out to a wider audience” reported Mr. Wayne Pedigo, company founder. “We have customers who have loyally ordered our products every month for as many as 15 years” added Pedigo. The company feels to absorb the cost of shipping is a show of good faith and is a logical step in reaching a broader clientele.

More information can be found on Healthy Steps LLC’s online store at

Healthy Steps  LLC

537 Lee Rd
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(800) 804-4566

New Spring Wardrobe

Spring Time Flowers Weight Loss

Spring is only days away and with spring comes warm weather and colorful flowers and right away you start considering ways to lose those extra pounds accumulated during those long cold winter months…Let Healthy Steps, LLC help you accomplish those goals with our proven all natural weight loss, energy, and appetite suppressant products. During the remainder of March if you call our office and mention this post you can buy (1) bottle of any of these products and get the 2nd bottle at half price and also receive free shipping.  Call Healthy Steps, LLC at 800-804-4566 or 615-417-5928.

3 Best Weight Loss Supplements for 2018

Lipo Fin Front

That new year’s resolution to lose weight exercise more and eat better…hows that working out?  If you are not getting the results you hoped for we suggest you give Healthy Steps LLC weight loss products a try.  We have 3 powerful yet safe products that have been helping people achieve their weight loss goals for years. Go to Facebook, Yelp, and Google and check out what people are saying about these fine products.  We have been helping people achieve their nutritional goals for 20 years.

Dr. Arnold Fox

Dr. Arnold Fox & Wayne Pedigo of Healthy Steps LLC

Introducing Dr. Arnold Fox, M.D.

“It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be included as part of the Healthy Steps family and have the opportunity to share with you knowledge and Dr. Arnold Fox, M.D.experiences in Anti-Aging medicine. I have said many times, age is Inevitable but aging is Not!” By taking control of your life today, you can slow down, and in many cases, reverse your body’s biological clock. Healthy Steps has introduced an outstanding nutritional supplement called “HGH Growth Hormone Activator” that is a perfect alternative to Growth Hormone injections and at a fraction of the cost. It works so well that not only do I take it but so does my “teenage” bride Hannah (happily married for 48 years) and several of our children.”

Arnold Fox, M.D. is an Internist and Cardiologist and a practicing physician with over forty years of experience in the front lines of crisis medicine. Dr. Fox emphasizes a practice in Anti-Aging along with traditional medicine.

Dr. Fox is a former Commissioner for the Medical Board of California; an Adjunct Professor of Graduate Studies in Pain Management at the University of the Pacific; President of the Board of Directors of The American Academy of Pain Management; a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Life Extension Foundation; and the Director of the National Anti-Aging Institute in Los Angeles. He is a former professor in the College of Medicine at the University of California at Irvine.

Dr. Fox is a best-selling author of several highly-acclaimed publications including the Beverly Hills Medical Diet; DLPA To End Chronic Pain And Depression; Wake Up! You’re Alive; Immune For Life; Making Miracles; Beyond Positive Thinking; The Healthy Prostate; Alternative Healing; Natural Relief From Pain and Depression; and The Fat Blocker Diet.


Dr. Arnold Fox & Wayne Pedigo of Healthy Steps LLCHe is the host of the weekly radio show, “Universal Anti-Aging Network” on KKLA radio, 99.5 FM in Southern California. This is the only anti-aging show on the airways dedicated to informing the public how to live younger and healthier for the rest of your life and how to take steps on how to start your anti-aging program early in life.

Considered one of the nation’s top medical experts on utilizing the mind-body connection, Dr. Fox has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows across the country including The Merv Griffin Show, CNN, Good Morning America, AM Los Angeles, AM Philadelphia, Good Morning Tennessee, Good Morning Bay Area (San Francisco), and Detroit’s Kelly & Company. He has taught people how to take control of their lives and strengthen their immune system, how to live young and healthy to a very old age. His appearance on the Merv Griffin Show aroused a greater response than the show had seen in years. That’s not unusual for Dr. Fox. Wherever he speaks, whatever the media, he leaves his audience enthusiastic and informed.

Holiday Sales Promotion

Christmas Promotion Pic

Take the guilt out of those holiday meals!

Buy (1) bottle of LipoFin or (1) bottle of Plum Skinny and receive

(1) bottle of Fat Blocker Plus free.

For our equine customers buy (1) tub of Equine Joint Eze and receive (1) tub of Equine MSM free.

In order to take advantage of these holiday specials, you must call our office at (800) 804-4566 or (615) 672-4878 and submit the order.

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