Equine Joint-Eze for Horses


Effectively relieves equine joint pain and stiffness without drugs.

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Why Healthy Steps Equine Joint-Eze?

  • No Loading Dose
  • Joint-Eze contains (4) Glucosamines not (1) or (2) like all the other brands
  • Joint-Eze contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients assuring maximum absorption
  • Joint-Eze is manufactured in an FDA approved facility
  • The quality and purity of the ingredients in Joint-Eze are guaranteed
  • Joint-Eze is economical to use about $1.33 a day in cost
  • One 2lbs Jar, when fed as directed, will last the average horse 1000-1100 lbs. 3-months!
  • Most important – NO SIDE EFFECTS


Why Is It Important To Take All 4 Glucosamines For Maximum Effectiveness? 

It is almost impossible to find a joint supplement with all 4 of the necessary Glucosamines — but Healthy Steps has them and they are producing results! We have (4) glucosamines as compared to (1) or maybe (2) that our competitors use in their products.

  • Glucosamine HCL
  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Glucosamine Potassium
  • N-acetyl-D-glucosamine)
  • Combined with Chondroitin Sulfate, Sodium Ascorbate, and Manganese Glycinate.

This unique formula makes Joint-Eze the finest product available for fighting the discomfort and suffering associated with arthritis and joint pain.

We use only pharmaceutical-grade raw materials. The quality and purity of the ingredients in this product are guaranteed.  Equine Joint-Eze by Healthy Steps LLC is manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

Check Out These Amazing Testimonials From Our Loyal Customers!

My horse Ace is 16 years old, and his veterinary checkups are always amazing. His joints are perfect!!!
The veterinarians are always amazed at how healthy his joints are being he is 16 years old!
I trust Healthy Steps to keep my horses performing their best.
I use Joint Ease, and MSM to keep my horse’s joints healthy.
I use Lyte-Ryte each time my horses run to replace lost electrolytes.
I met Wayne with Healthy Steps in 2016 at the All American Youth in Jackson, MS, and I’ve been using these products ever since.

BryAnna Haluptzok


Nearly 10 years ago, I began my research to compare Healthy Steps Joint-Eze and Equine MSM to a dozen of other popular products on the market. What I learned was that Joint-Eze provided one of the best values for joint care when comparing the actual ingredients and mg per dose. Back then, my choice to buy from Healthy Steps was the best joint care supplement decision I could make on paper. However,  when my little girl began riding elderly barrel ponies, Healthy Steps became even more important to our equine family. I could see what a huge impact it had on their soundness, allowing them to carry my daughter safely through a pattern. After 6 years of putting her on 3 different elderly step up ponies (up to the age of 25), my product choice means more to me than an analysis on a piece of paper. Thank you, Healthy Steps!



About 8 years ago, I began using Healthy Steps products and have been very happy with the results. I was very excited when Healthy Steps introduced their new Equine Joint Care Products. I feel the Joint-Eze and the MSM will reduce the need for joint injections and could quite possibly eliminate the need altogether if a horse is started on these products at an early age. At present, Jimmy, my dog Betsy, eight horses plus myself are all using these great products.

-Betty Roper


George is my “go-to” horse for any situation, and he’s been on Healthy Steps Joint Eze and MSM for a little over a year now.  He doesn’t have any major problems, I just wanted to keep his joints maintained and he never been injected. George doesn’t get too many breaks and gets used year-round! We actually have 7 horses on your products ranging from a 30-year-old retired heel horse to a major foundered horse that is 17 (that is the reason I even started using Joint Eze and MSM!) to our 9-year-old heel horse. As the ones closest to me know, I’m not a huge supplement queen because I do what I can do to provide for my human family, but my equine family I TRULY TRY to provide the best I can in a single home family but tonight I must brag and say… The past 3 months I have to do what I can do to keep my old men (Bugs n Lil Joe) healthy bc they help bring in the $$money$$. HEALTHY STEPS Joint-Eze and MSM have made me a believer. Not only has it made Joe at 30 years old stop limping after joint injections everywhere, its made my Bug man @ 18 step up his game. Just when I thought he was just losing his stamina due to age, I broke down and bought both, and he’s improved within 3 tenths of the big dogs and still not in tip top shape. THANK YOU Healthy Steps and Wayne Pedigo for bringing back their competitiveness even though they have a little age. I am truly a believer, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Kristi Skimehorn

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