I forget what year I started with Joint-Eze, but it had to be in the mid-90’s.
I was past 50 and doing my weekend work of clearing some woodland I own and working a desk job Monday through Friday.
My elbows would hurt until Wednesday after using a chainsaw on the weekend.
One of the stores next to my office was selling Joint-Eze and He gave me a bottle to try.
I finished taking the bottle and did not have the pain in my elbows.
I did not buy another bottle until about a month later the pain came back to my joints.
I have been taking Joint-Eze for over 15 years and try to never run out.
I started Karate at 55 and got my Black Belt at 60 and everyone was amazed that I could do the falls, rolls & throws and keep up with the 20 years olds.

Harvey Scroggs,
Pineville, La.