I haven’t written any post about this. I have lost weight and feel great!
No, I am not selling, but I have thought about it.
I don’t eat a lot anyway, no junk, cut out sodas over a year ago. I have been eating pretty clean for over a year.
I am active and do some extra exercise, but I could not lose any weight.
I bought some Plum Skinny from Wayne Pedigo with Healthy Steps at The All American Youth in June.
The second month I added the Fat Blocker.
What I love about it…I didn’t change anything that I had been doing all along and I have more energy and I lost weight in my problem area…No fears…I still have a big butt LOL, but it is smaller!
I took one pill in the morning, no nervousness, and no downs, of course, it works differently for everyone.

If you decide to give it a try, tell Wayne that I sent you!

Melinda Williams Donnell